Be unique, wear unique. FunkyVector is unique

Funkyvector.com makes printable art using mathematics which you can own. Each piece of art is made with a unique code. Unless you save your unique code, no one else will ever1 see the same piece again. If you order a print you’ll be the only one who owns it.

Get yourself a wearable piece of art, buy a friend a custom poster or treat your family’s new arrival to a space age baby costume.

  1. It is remotely possible a code will repeat, but so unlikely that you would be better off sitting in the outback waiting for aliens2 to land near3 you.
  2. It is not clear what your motive would be or exactly how this would benefit you, but aliens will probably4 have wicked art, prints and clothing.
  3. The outback is a really massive place. Why you would think they would land in Australia is interesting, but Uluru seems like a reasonable guess. Other than picking this likely target, the chances of them landing near you are so remote that potentially you would be better off spending your time refreshing FunkyVector.com to see if you can get the same code twice.
  4. This is purely conjecture, the author has not had any contact with aliens.